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This place is a joke and running a real life legal con. Yes tjey will get you in a vehichle. No, the payments are not appropriate for the vehichle they have year and mileage. That's something i new and understood going in as I have bad credit and needed a car badly. So we currently have vehicle with them and missed ONE payment in Friday 12/06 today is Thursday, 12/12. We MADE a payment yesterday for half of the amount and they still repo'd our truck last night. My husband, whose been the ONLY one speaking with them as I work very strict hours and not able to speak with them during thier opening hours. We discussed this when we purchased the vehicle. They are aware of this as they call him with things regaring the vehicle. I have only neen ther for the purchase and one other time for an issue with the vehichle. All other times my husband has taken it in for maintenance, questions and they've spoken freely with him and given him all and any information thus far. He has also set up a previous payment plan for us once before. He is currently in thier office as I'm typing this and thier reason for repo'ing the vehicle is because it's MY account and he's not on it and that I didn't make any arrangements or respond to any texts. They're willing to give him the truck, we just have to pay the remaining balance on the payment and a $175 tow fee. I've been getting text from two different numbers since Friday morning I have not responded to any. I let my husband know on my lunch break Friday. He has not only text but spoken with someone everyday since Friday that confirmed our payment arrangments. NO ONE has ever mentioned that it must be the loan holder to make arrangements. Well, thwy got the right one this time cause I will not lay down on this. I will. E contacting the BBB and looking into laws for used car lots as I know thier practices have to be illegal. It's borderline harassment. 
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2019-12-12 10:23:31